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Drugs Conspiracy Solicitor

A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people. In terms of drugs this maybe a conspiracy to import Class A drugs or a conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Although it may seem simple when put like this conspiracies are complex cases and should be dealt with specialist solicitors firm who have experience in defending clients in such cases.

The act, such as importing drugs, does not actually have to take place for the arrest to be made.

Evidence for conspiracy cases can be gathered in a number of ways such as undercover police officers and tracing purchases of items that may be used for a criminal act. With the overall objective for the prosecution to prove that there knowledge and intention. Such as the defendant intended to be a party to a criminal activity and that the accused knew that the course of conduct agreed would involve an offence.

If you, a friend or family member have been charged with a conspiracy drugs offence or are due to be interviewed under caution then MJP solicitors can help. We have many years at defending clients at both the police station and at court and are available throughout the England and Wales, including the North West, Liverpool and Wirral, for advice or representation.

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