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Cultivate & Produce of Cannabis

With cannabis being the must used drug by adults it's no surprise that the latest figures from 2011/12 show that over 95% of seizures for Class B drugs were for cannabis. In total 612,373 cannabis plants were seized and 41.5 tonnes of herbal cannabis and cannabis resin was also seized during this period.

If you've been arrested and charged with the cultivation or production of cannabis then it's very likely that the police have raided a property whilst you were present. During the raid the police must have a valid search warrant (issued by the Magistrates' Court) and will seize anything that they consider to be part of an offence. This can vary from weighing scales and packaging to cash and mobile phones or computer equipment and of course the cannabis plants as well. These potentially can be forensically analysed as evidence.

If there are a number of cannabis plants in the property the police, or SOCA, may ask for an estimated yield and valuation to be provided. The value will usually be taken from an analysis of the most mature plants, if no mature plants exist the value may be taken from the samples taken during the raid / search this is then cross-referenced with the estimated yield to get a street value.

Being found guilty of cultivating cannabis or producing cannabis can carry long sentences of imprisonment and therefore it is important that you instruct a criminal defence firm that has experience in dealing with drug matters.

At MJP solicitors we have defended clients at court for both large-scale operations as well as small-scale, including growing for personal use. If you, a family member or friend have been arrested, are on bail or are due in court for cultivating cannabis then you can call our solicitors on 0333 011 0515 for advice and to arrange representation. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our defence services are available throughout England and Wales including the North West, Liverpool and Wirral.

Conspiracy to Cultivate Cannabis

A conspiracy to cultivate cannabis or a conspiracy to produce cannabis is a serious charge and you should therefore instruct an experience criminal defence law firm to defend your interests.

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Sentence for Cultivating Cannabis

Upon sentencing for cultivating cannabis or producing cannabis the court first seek to determine the role of the offender. There are 3 roles A B C with a being the most serious. Once the role has been determined the quantity of drugs is taken into account. There are four categories for the quantity can fall into: -

  • Category 4 - 9 plants (presumed yield 40gram per plant)
  • Category 3 - 28 plants (presumed yield 40 gram per plant)
  • Category 2 - operation capable of producing significant quantities for commercial use
  • Category 1 - operation capable of producing industrial quantities for commercial use

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